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Employment Law

Over 60 Years of Combined Experience in 
Employment Law Services

With over 6 decades of combined experience in employment law litigation, we can provide you with all of the exceptional services you deserve. 

Our lawyers devote much of their practice to employment law cases representing employees who are being treated unfairly at work, unjustly fired or discriminated on the basis of race, religion or disability.

We have successfully represented many workers related to issues of wrongful termination, harassment, equal pay and employment contracts.

Our lawyers also represent businesses that are being accused of such kinds 
of conduct.
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Legal Experts to Assist You With Employment Law Matters

If you’re involved in a legal dispute with your employer, you definitely need an experienced employment lawyer by your side to help you navigate smoothly through the whole legal process.

The legal experts at Hahalis & Kounoupis PC will represent your best interests and address your concerns at every step of your case. Trust us to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

Comprehensive Legal Support With 
Employer-Employee Cases

•  Wrongful termination
•  Harassment
•  Family and Medical Leave
•  Retaliation
•  Fraud and misrepresentation
•  Employment contracts
•  Severance agreements
•  Restrictive covenant
•  Equal pay
•  Discrimination (race, religion, gender, disability, age, pregnancy and motherhood discrimination)
•  Unemployment compensation
•  Unions and labor issues
•  Municipal and public employee matters
•  Fraternal Order of Police - police officers and law enforcement officer’s workplace rights
•  Shareholder and partnership disputes including minority shareholder rights
•  Unfair treatments 
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Employment Law Services for Individuals and Businesses

We will thoroughly analyze your situation after listening as to why you feel your termination was unjust. Depending on the situation, we will help you file a claim with the necessary government agency.

We will meet with you to discuss your situation, getting all the essential facts and documents relevant to your case. Depending on whatever lawsuit is already in place, we will represent you accordingly.

If the case is still at the government agency stage, we will file the necessary paper to help clear your name.
Visit Us to Discuss Your Legal Issues With 
Your Employer.
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